Monday, December 28, 2009

A Little Photo Tribute To My Best Buddy

Josh Bouzard (6/26/79-12/29/03)

In the early hours of December 29th, 2003, my best friend Josh Bouzard passed away. He fell asleep with a cigarette in hand, which subsequently started our apartment on fire and he never made it out. Unfortunately you never really realize how much someone means to you until they are gone. I realize that now, and all the positive memories of days past keep a smile on my face. Not only was Josh a fantastic guitar player and artist, he was the truest of friends, more of a brother than a friend actually. I'll never meet anyone like him again in my lifetime. So here's to you pal!

...and the last photo ever taken of Josh.

...and a video tribute produced by Jourdain LaFrombois and David White, "Full Purchase"


  1. These pictures are awesome! My favorite one is the 9th one down - of you and him!

  2. Yeah, that was the day after I came home from California.

    Anyhow, right now is literally close to the glass is raised.