Thursday, January 14, 2010

My alien/devil dream last night...

I usually have very odd dreams, most of them involve me in dangerous situations usually serving as the bad guy or villain. Last night I had one of the coolest dreams ever though. It was super frightening but that's totally up my alley. I'll try to explain it:

It started out with me lying in bed having weird leg twitches. My brother and father were there. Everything seemed pretty normal. I thought I was just lacking potassium or something. But then eventually the twitches grew stronger and something seemed to be moving around inside of my upper thigh. As this progressed, I realized something was going terribly wrong. Moments later, my leg ripped open and this weird, slimy, devil-creature crawled out and subsequently caused havoc all over the neighborhood. During the pandemonium, my brother was running away and this creature went to hunt him down, knocking him down some riverbank into the path of a boat of some sort. And I ran to help him only to find his legs were gone and it was pretty much a bloody mess. The rest of the dream is kinda a blur, but I remember waking up thinking, 'Man, who needs to rent horror movies when you can create them in your dreams?' I love sleeping. :) But then again, maybe this is not helping my anxiety issues...hmmm....

Friday, January 1, 2010

My 2010 spirit animal...Blue Heron

As some of you may know, I'm an avid user of Native American Medicine Cards. I find them helpful in examining parts of yourself that you either choose to keep in your shadow or are not aware of at all. So, today, January 1st, 2010, I decided to pick a card and deem it my 2010 spirit animal. Here it is, Blue Heron.


Heron medicine is the power of knowing the self by discovering its gifts and facing its challenges. It is the ability to accept all feelings and opinions without denying any emotion or thought. Heron flies over those who are unaware of who they are and where they belong in the world. Gently dropping a blue feather to them, Heron asks that they follow their intuition and begin the empowering journey of self-realization.

If the great Blue Heron has flown into your cards today, it is urging you to dive into the watery world of feelings to seek your truth. Heron teaches you to develop your self-reflective skills so that you may come to know yourself in an intimate way. Looking at yourself through the filmy lens of self-importance, the cloudy perceptions of low self-worth, or the myopic eyes of self-pity, you will never understand your true potential or appreciate the opportunities that appear.

Heron asks that you examine yourself with a cold eye to see what you wish to improve and how you want to change. If you get stuck in the process, it may be a sign that you are being too hard or critical. Choosing to blame others and constantly pointing a finger at life's situations, instead of claiming responsibility for your actions, shows that you lack the courage to face the enemy within.

Heron medicine people are willing to look at themselves and see the truth of their motives, actions, feelings, dreams, goals, inner strengths, and inner weaknesses. In balancing those truths, Heron's medicine shows you how to meet the challenges of your personal weaknesses and how to continue developing the skills that lead to inner strength and certainty of purpose.

Are you willing to dive into the watery depths of your own feelings and discover the role of your spiritual essence? Heron is now calling you to delve deeper, to know yourself, and to trust your path. Like the Phoenix, who rises from its own ashes, Heron emerges from the unseen worlds of spirit into a new balanced sense-of-self in order to embrace its potential again and again.

The magnificence of your human spirit lies waiting for the joy of discovery, if you are courageous enough to follow the Waterbird throughout the journey. Heron reminds you that every traveler on life's journey is a messenger, and that every destination is the beginning of a new life cycle on the Medicine Wheel.